Small and medium-sized enterprises


Telecom solutions for SME’s

Small businesses, medium-sized companies and large enterprises each operate uniquely in business practices and therefore have their own unique telecommunication needs.

At Konnekt we understand that SMEs are looking for the same service, reliability and advanced technology as large companies, but at the right scale. We help your company select the right voice telecom solutions, fitted to your needs.

Do you call a lot abroad and do you have Movistar as a provider? In that case our professional cost reduction solution for fixed landline calling can help you save up to 90% on your calls.


Do you have employees working from home or would you like to connect several offices? Our hosted business VoIP offers you that possibility. Are you often on the road and do you spend large amounts on international mobile costs? Contract our Konnekt World app and save up to 80%. Contact us for independent advice.

Konnekt: your in-house telecom expert
At Konnekt we can provide your company with independent advice. Do you make a lot of calls abroad? Do you have a call agent team? We analyse your needs en make sure you only pay for the services you need, going from cost reduction systems on traditional landlines to virtual office solutions.

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Call Center for SMEs

In need of a small Call Center with Big Features?

If your SME has a sales team, a help desk or a team of agents fielding calls, check out our affordable Contact Center Solution. It’s especially suited for small call centers and because it’s Internet-based, your agents can be located anywhere: at your on-site call center, working from home, or in other offices.

The main benefits of Konnekt Contact Center Software:

  • Minimum start-up costs, low monthly fees
  • Advanced call center features
  • Maximum flexibility, including different locations
  • Get started quickly
  • Pay per user
  • Predictive dialing
  • Full control of configuration
  • Security and reliability
  • No contract duration

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Tailor-Made Advice

Every business is different and has its own needs. At Konnekt we offer you objective and free of charge tailor-made advise without any further commitment. Reduce your costs and optimize your telecommunication structure.

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Our customers about Konnekt

  • “Due to our type of industry, most of our outgoing calls are to mobiles. With Konnekt we were able to reduce costs by 32% only on our mobile calls, not to mention the savings on international calls.”
    Ignacio Busquets – Director

Konnekt Traditional Landline

Using the infrastructure of telecom company Movistar, Konnekt kan help you save up to 90% on your landline invoices without changing companies. Read more.

Single IP Lines

The most flexible and cost reducing solution for SMEs in need of just one phone line. Also a good solution for smaller companies with people often on the move. With the possibility of a geographical (international) virtual number. Read more.

Hosted Business VoIP

With our Hosted Business VoIp service, you get reliable, premium quality services at the best rates. Our hosted VoIP service enables you to make substantial savings and spend money where it’s needed more. Read more.

Konnekt Mobile

Do you want to save money on your international calls with your mobile phone? Konnekt has a high quality solution saving up to 95% on your international calling costs. Read more.

Let Konnekt help you optimize the telecom potential of your business

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