Mobility solutions

Mobility solutions

A mobile environment for your business 

Creating a mobile environment for your business will help you reduce costs and increase productivity at the same time. At Konnekt we can help you save up to 80% on your roaming costs. We offer single IP lines on your smartphone up or complete integrated solutions on a corporate level. 

A state of the art solution to reduce mobile calling costs is the ShoreTel Mobility Solution. It enables businesses of all sizes to integrate smartphones and tablets securely and cost-effectively within the existing enterprise communication applications and infrastructure. With ShoreTel Mobility mobile workers have complete flexibility.

The mobility solution is compatible with BYOD (bring your own device), enabling your staff to communicate via the devices of their choice. From any location (office, home, hotspots) and via any network (VoIP, Wifi, voice over 3G/4G, or mobile) they are able to access a full suite of mobile unified communications tools.

Combined with ShoreTel Dock your workforce can go mobile but still work from a home base. The ShoreTel Dock merges the benefits of a desk phone (audio quality, always-on power and ergonomic comfort) with the power of the ShoreTel Mobility app. Workers just click in their iOS device (iPad or iPhone) into ShoreTel Dock and they are off and running.

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Konnekt World

Save on your international mobiles costs 

Are you looking for a simple way to save on your international mobile costs, but are you not in need (yet) of an integrated solution? Konnekt World is the answer. Saving on your international mobile costs has never been this easy.

Konnekt World is an easy plug-and-play application that helps you reducing costs on international calls using your smartphone without the need to be connected to the Internet. 

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Tailor-Made Advice

Every business is different and has its own needs. At Konnekt we offer you objective and free of charge tailor-made advise without any further commitment. Reduce your costs and optimize your telecommunication structure.

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Our customers about Konnekt

  • “Due to our type of industry, most of our outgoing calls are to mobiles. With Konnekt we were able to reduce costs by 32% only on our mobile calls, not to mention the savings on international calls.”
    Ignacio Busquets – Director


Do you want to save money on your international calls with your mobile phone? Konnekt has a high quality solution saving up to 95% on your international calling costs. Read more.

Konnekt VoIP

From SMEs with a few single IP lines up to multinationals with multiple lines, KonnektVoIP offers standard VoIP-packages and personalized VoIP-structures, depending on your specific needs. Read more.

Hosted Business VoIP

With our Hosted Business Phone service, you get reliable, premium quality services at the best rates. Our hosted VoIP service puts everything in the cloud, so you can recurring reduce costs.

Shoretel Dock

The desk phone for the mobile generation. Being on the move has never been this easy.

Reduce costs and increase productivity with our mobility solutions

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