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VoIP: the future of corporate communication

Voice over IP is one of the fastest growing technologies with high savings. Konnekt only collaborates with the most accredited partners to assure the best quality, flexibility and service. We are specialized in delivering VoIP solutions from small companies up to complex infrastructures for call centersbusiness centers and hotels.

Konnekt helps you to determine the right choice for your company. The first requierement is to have a stable internet connection. VoIP has proven to be a solution for companies that are in need of a new switchboard, handle a large amount of international calls or need international geographical numbers. It has also proven to be a better solution for businesses that need full flexibility and the possibility to upscale/downsize the telecom service. Furthermore VoIP offers great possibilities in case you have employees traveling abroad or working from home or if you have different offices that should be connected.

Konnekt integrates VoIP perfectly into your telecom infrastructure. Please contact us to get a tailor made advice for your specific needs.

 Our standard telecom IP services include:

  • Single IP lines
  • Virtual Switchboard (vPBX)
  • Physical in-house Switchboard (iPBX)
  • Sip-trunking
  • QoS Routers (prioritizing the service of Voice over Data)

  • International/geographic numbers
  • Wide range of IP terminals compatible with all VoIP systems
  • Contracting of Internet connections (SDHSL/Fiber Optics)

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SIP trunking

SIP Trunking: no more additional phone cabling

A SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) trunk provides the connection between your network and the public switched telephone network (PTSN).

A SIP trunk connection enables you to make phone calls from your IP-PBX device without additional physical phone cabling. Reduce the recurring costs of separate voice and data circuits and the costs associated with the purchase, support and maintenance of media gateways.

Our SIP trunks are compatible with all IP switchboards and we are pleased to help you with the configuration or finding the right equipment for your needs. Whether you are a call center, business center or small or medium-sized company, at Konnekt we have the right solution for you.


Some of our standard SIP trunking services include:

  • Premium/CLI quality at the best possible rates
  • Management of your caller IDs: open CLI trunks, blocked caller ID etc.
  • Virtual DIDs/International geographical numbers
  • Fast and reliable service quality: connection with the best Tier-1 operators and the public switched telephone network
  • 24/7 multilingual support and customer service
  • Easily change, add and manage voice features online, in real time, from anywhere using a secure, intuitive web portal
  • Paying per second: Konnekt charges per second, from the first second, without any call setup charges
  • No fixed-term contract

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Single IP Lines

Reduce costs with a single IP line 

Are you a small company or a freelancer and do you just use one phone line without any need to make internal calls or transfer calls to other extensions? In that case a single IP line is the perfect cost reducing solution for you. 

For only 0,85€/ month Konnekt offers you a SIP line with a Spanish national number and premium voice quality. The only requirement for this service is a stable internet connection.

 What are the needs and benefits of a Konnekt SIP account?

  • You can use the SIP connection with a physical IP phone or with a softphone which can be downloaded for PC/laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • You can have a voice mail or call divert to another phone in case you are not connected
  • Possibility of international geographical numbers/DDIs, in order to show an international caller ID. Your clients can reach you at local costs
  • Possibility to keep your line in case of changing address

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Hosted VoIP

Working in the cloud with Business VoIP

With our Hosted Business Phone service, you get reliable, premium quality hosted PBX-services at the best rates. 

Our hosted VoIP service puts everything in the cloud, so you can reduce costs of in-house hardware, software upgrades and IT managers. Get connected with a vPBX from 10€/month.

Konnekt brings you more than just a phone service. We’re here to help you with the transition from your current system to our cloud-based business phone solution. During the process we take full responsibility, so you can focus on your business.

 Benefits of Konnekt Hosted Business VoIP:

  • Always up-to-date: we guarantee the latest VoIP features and no need for expensive upgrades
  • Reduce overhead costs: no need to purchase new switchboards, phones, or other equipment
  • Save up to 80% on your phone invoices: we offer very competitive rates for premium quality
  • Flexibility: you can easily add workspaces and connect new offices. You can also add new features whenever you need them. 
  • Konnekt will take care of the configuration
  • No fixed-term contract

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Konnekt VoIP – get the benefits

Enjoy the many advantages of Konnekt VoIP, including the following:

  • Save up to 80% on your calls
  • Free calling between different offices
  • No traditional landline costs and lower maintenance costs
  • Personal management of your incoming calls (voice mails, call recording, sending/receiving faxes etc.)
  • Possibility to integrate your smartphone: receive calls anywhere in the world when you are connected to the Internet
  • VoIP phones can be integrated with other services available on the Internet, including video conferencing, audio conferencing, managing address books and exchange of information with others
  • Flexibility when it comes to upscaling/downsizing. Possibility to expand to an unlimited number of lines
  • No contract duration

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Why Konnekt?

Why choose Konnekt Global Communication?

Konnekt Global Communication was founded in 2000 with the objective to take telecom services for companies in Spain to a new level. During the years we have become an international provider with a loyal client base from all over the world. 

At Konnekt we provide a client-focused approach based on the following core values:

Every client is important to us, regardless their size.

Premium quality
Konnekt only collaborates with accredited Tier-3 and Tier-4 data centers to provide a guaranteed level of services.

Best rates
We offer the best quality services at the best available rates. Our rates are based on excellent interconnect agreements with the most important Tier-1 operators.

We are not tied to any contracts with third-party providers. We believe our customers should get the best, independent advice.

No tie-in contracts, no fine print, no hidden charges. Our customers can unsubscribe at any time.

We love what we do: our passion is to provide our clients with the best telecom solutions. We are constantly testing new products and expanding our range.

24/7 NOC Support
Our multilingual support and customer service departments are available when needed.

We take care of network control whether it is a traditional landline or a VoIP network to assure quality and guarantee the continuity of provided services. 

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Request A Cost Comparison

Would you like to get a clear view on how much you can save on your telecom costs? At Konnekt we offer you an objective and free of charge cost comparison without any commitment. All we need is an overview of your actual calling behaviour.

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Our customers about Konnekt

  • “Due to our type of industry, most of our outgoing calls are to mobiles. With Konnekt we were able to reduce costs by 32% only on our mobile calls, not to mention the savings on international calls.”
    Ignacio Busquets – Director

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