Telecom solutions for hotels

 Tailor-made hotel solutions

Konnekt offers different telecom solutions for hotels. On one hand hotels are looking to save on their (international and national) callings costs and on the other hand they want to be able to offer competitive calling rates to their guests, who can make phone calls from their rooms at much lower rates than using their mobile phone. 

With our hotel telecom solutions, you will be able create new revenue streams, while improving the service you provide for your guests. Depending on your specific needs both traditional landlines or Voice over IP technologies can be used.

We will take care of all integration processes related to your billing software, in order to make the entire implementation of our Konnekt Hotel Service a user-friendly experience both for you and your guests. 

An additional calling service for guests gives your hotel a competitive advantage, attracting more customers by providing them with low cost phone services. Just like room service, dry cleaning, and gym facilities, low-cost phone services demonstrate your efforts to make a guest’s stay as comfortable as possible.

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Wifi Access

At Konnekt we understand the needs of our clients

Free Wifi nowadays is a must in hotels around the world. All guests want to connect different devices to the internet, and they want to be able connect them from anywhere in the hotel. 

Konnekt offers a broad variety of products: from easy Wifi-access points to professional systems like Ruckus. We take the responsibility and make sure all will be installed according to your needs.

Konnekt goes further

We not only offer you Wifi-systems. We can also change your Wifi-access into a marketing tool through our SoWifi routers. With one simple click your clients can access your internet network by liking your Facebook Page, sending out a Tweet, or leaving a voice mail message. This not only guarantees exposure for your brand, but also gives you the possibility to get to know your guests better and make them personalized. Contact us if you want to know what SoWifi can do for you.

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The advantages of Konnekt Hotel Solutions

Our Hotel solutions include various advantages for our clients. The most important benefits are the following:

  • Save money on staff and administration costs with low-cost phone calls
  • Earn more money offering your guests low-cost calling alternatives
  • Help guests stay in touch for business or with their families and friends
  • Help guests avoid high international roaming charges with their mobile operator
  • Konnekt is your one stop telecom provider for telephony, billing software and Wifi access

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Tailor-Made Advice

Every business is different and has its own needs. At Konnekt we offer you objective and free of charge tailor-made advise without any further commitment. Reduce your costs and optimize your telecommunication structure.

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Our customers about Konnekt

  • “Due to our type of industry, most of our outgoing calls are to mobiles. With Konnekt we were able to reduce costs by 32% only on our mobile calls, not to mention the savings on international calls.”
    Ignacio Busquets – Director

So Wifi – Free wifi

As a official partner of So Wifi we can offer our hospitality clients an ideal solution for advertising through social media using your free Wifi. Your guests will be able to access the free Wifi through a ‘Like’ on Facebook or a ‘tweet’ on Twitter.  Read more  

Konnekt Traditional Landline

Using the infrastructure of telecom company Movistar, Konnekt kan help you save up to 90% on your landline invoices without changing companies. Read more.

Billing Software

We offer a broad range of possibilities for billing software for hotels perfectly integrated with our phone services. Read more.

Motorola Hotel Room Phone

One of the most economic and good quality phone terminals for hotel rooms.

An extra service for your guests

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