Moving Office

When moving office, planning is crucial. Konnekt can help you minimize the stress of moving your complete telecom infrastructure. Consult us approximately two months before the planned office relocation. We will eveluate your current telecom structures and make sure it will meet all future requirements, both physically and technically.

Konnekt can help you setting up a telecom infrastructure for your new business office, ensuring it is at the cutting-edge of technology and efficiency, or we can assist in the migration of your existing system by installing quality cabling and broadband in your new premises.

  • What telecom system works best for you, your current one or an upgraded version?
  • Does your existing system support remote workers?
  • Would you like to keep all existing numbers?
  • Do you need any new telecom features?
  • Is your equipment still suitable?

Konnekt will guide you through your relocation, from providing you with solid information and useful tips up to taking full responsability for the installation of your telecom systems on your new premises.

Please contact us for a free consultation or site survey service, where we will provide you with professional and independent advice.


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